Sustainability Measures

Recognising the need to minimise Operational carbon emissions, we prioritise the reduction of carbon emissions and the improvement in wellbeing over other measures. We follow the philosophy of creating intrinsically low energy demand buildings and then providing for increasing levels of Zero Carbon energy to be generated.

Low Energy Demand

Well insulated buildings

Well insulated buildings for high performance thermal envelopes, built better than the requirements of Building Regulations.

Low air permeability

Low air permeability for reduced heat loss and greater occupant comfort.

High performance glazing

High performance glazing to minimise heat loss and also heat gain, whilst transmitting as much natural light as possible.

Natural Light Levels

Rooflights optimised to balance heat loss with natural light levels.

High Efficiency Equipment Within the Building

Heating & Cooling


Air Source Heat Pumps, a low carbon technology, are utilised for heating and cooling the office space



LED lighting is used throughout

Energy Management


Control systems to be able to manage energy use throughout the building

Water Usage


Low water use sanitaryware and taps are installed, reducing water use

Integration of Renewable Energy Systems

Photovoltaic Panels

The roof of each building is partly reinforced to accept zero carbon photovoltaic (PV) panels, which generate electricity from sunlight

Low Carbon Heat Pumps

Electric air source heat pumps are a low carbon technology and can be zero carbon when powered from PV panels

Demonstrating Total Sustainability

BREEAM rating of Very Good

The buildings achieve a BREEAM rating of Very Good. This reflects a high standard of design in the areas of energy use, transportation, treatment of ecology, minimisation of pollution, health and wellbeing, management of the specification and construction process, water use, materials selection, and waste in construction.

Electric Charging Points

The increasing use of electric vehicles is recognised by the incorporation of Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) points.


The importance of the wellbeing of occupiers is recognised and the following measures have been incorporated into the design of the buildings and the park as a whole.

Bicycle Storage

Provision of bicycle storage (the Park is adjacent to Sustrans Route 51, the National Cycle Route).

Taking the Stairs

Stairs are located to promote their use instead of using the passenger lift.

Noise Levels

Noise levels are managed throughout by careful selection of plant and equipment and good façade design.

Welfare Areas

Well designed welfare areas are provisioned.

Natural Light

Enhanced daylight levels and good glare control.

Environmental Control

The environmental control systems can be controlled locally by the occupants.

Close to Nature

External relaxation areas are provided with access to nature and safe walking areas around the park.

Visual Appeal

The Park is well managed to maintain its appearance and create a sense of order.